Uday Prakash

5th April 2019

Writers are rare birdsongs

One cannot be courageous in the absence of fear”, in the words of renowned poet and short-story writer Uday Prakash, who was speaking at the Kalam Jaipur session. The author was in conversation with LP Pant, Dainik Bhaskar’s state editor for Rajasthan. Prakash made an interesting observation during the session — that the current generation has forgotten how to maintain a healthy balance between work and relaxation. “Whoever came up with the idiom, aaraam haraam hai was completely wrong because relaxation is essential to rejuvenate the mind. Today, most people have no time for relationships, friendships, family or creative pursuits,” he added. On being asked about turning down an award after the murder of writer MM Kulbergi, Prakash responded that some decisions come straight from the heart. He also clarified that the same was not an attempt to attain publicity, create controversy or make any kind of political statement. The accomplished poet-writer was also asked to differentiate between an author and a writer. “Before the advent of science, the storyteller was considered the author of any story; like Krishna with the Bhagvad Gita. But after the advancement of science and technology, politicians and scientists have also evolved into writers,” he explained. Prakash added that literary writers like himself were like rare birdsong. “Nature and creativity will survive if we survive,” he concluded.



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