Naveen Choudhary

18th May 2019


Politics generally takes place within parties, while outside the parties, it is a fight of policies. For example, two different parties can have separate policies on how to implement the Good and Services Tax (GST) or on any other issue, but when it comes to distribution of posts and reputation of the stakeholders, then the real politics takes place ‘within the party’. This within-the-party politics uses student politics as a means to its end. It is poisonous, reveals Naveen Choudhary’s political novel ‘Janta Store’. The name of the book is inspired by a popular Market in Jaipur- Janta Store. This used to be an “adda” (place of gathering of students/intellectuals) for university politics because of its proximity to the Rajasthan University. He also shared his view on the nuances of Democracy and its ever changing dynamics. The author spoke with conversationalist Pooja Bansal about his journey into the field of writing, how he began by writing blogs, and in no time had a number of followers. His first step towards writing a book followed the Product Differentiation technique and then other things followed. In his book, Choudhary has mentioned how casteism and regionalism takes one in its grip when the talks on politics begin. He said, “When he contested student union election in University of Rajasthan, there used to be dispute over his surname ‘Choudhary’. People would think he is of Jat community, later he would make it clear that, “this Choudhary is a Maithili Brahmin.” He gave the conversation a humorous turn by talking about the most popular Egg Shop in Jaipur located at the Janta Store - Sanjay Omelette. The owner reflects the true spirit of an entrepreneur with his name mentioned in some of the best books and journals. He exemplifies the best of humankind and those who by dedicating themselves to work they love, have become a name to reckon with. Choudhary’s book has featured on the list of Dainik Jagran Bestseller list twice. He was born in Madhubani district of Bihar, but was brought up in Jaipur. He is also a known satirist and a photographer. His articles/satire would get published in The Lallantop, Satyagrah, Khabharlive. Choudhary has been active in student politics in the University of Rajasthan, and has completed his Masters in economics. He is also an MBA in marketing and has worked with Dainik Bhaskar, Aditya Birla Group and is presently working as marketing head with the Oxford University Press. He said, “Jis tarah se Jantantra se Jan gayab hone par bhi usse Jantantra kaha jata hai, vaise hi Janta Store bandh hone par bhi iss market ko Janta Store kaha jaata hai.” (Even after people disappear from democracy, it is still called democracy, in the same way, if Janta Store is shut down, this market shall remain Janta Store).




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