Neelima Dalmia Adhar

15th October 2019

Neelima Dalmia Adhar brings alive the real woman behind Kasturba Gandhi in the Kalam session at meerut The woman behind Ba

Neelima Dalmia Adhar, who was inspired by her mother, author Nandini Dalmia’s words, both spoken and written, dedicated her first book to her father, industrialist RK Dalmia. She discussed her latest book, The Secret Diary of Kasturba, at the Kalam session held in Meerut. In conversation with Mrinalini Anant, Adhar spoke about the book and the role of Kasturba in Mahatma Gandhi’s life. As detailed in her book, Adhar brought to life the real woman behind Kasturba Gandhi (or Ba) in the Kalam session, speaking about all that Gandhi’s wife had to suffer living in the shadows of a ‘hero’. “There’s a great divide between being a woman and being the wife of a superhero figure. Until the age of 62 years, Ba struggled to find balance between the roles of a Satyagrahi, a wife and a giving mother. Fame took over when her life ended, but the woman again got lost,” Dalmia shared. The author has touchingly portrayed the pain experienced by Kasturba throughout her life, without questioning Mahatma Gandhi’s image. The story focuses on the boy named Mohandas and the girl named Kastur, who were married to each other. “Not only did Kastur come from a more well-off family than that of Mohandas, she was also more liberal and daring than him,” Dalmia added. The author speaks about Kasturba’s pain openly in spite of her father having shared a strong relationship with both Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.


Neelima Dalmia Adhar

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