Naveen Choudhary

20th September 2019

“Up, close & personal Pupil Politics”

No politician or the outfit he or she represents is innocent or at least honest. The attributes are lost on the current political parties in the country irrespective of whether they are in power or in the Opposition. These are the words of author Naveen Choudhary who was discussing his book Janta Store at the Kalam session in Raipur.

The author, whose book is fictional take on student politics on campus, was inspired by real-life characters. He admits that writing about student politics is challenging as there are several layers and intricacies to the plot and the characters participating in it.

Speaking to fellow author Ankita Jain, Naveen said he was able to pull off the task of writing about youth politics because he had the opportunity to observe it first-hand. “I have witnessed the politics on campus from very close quarters. That’s how the idea was planted in my head to write a story around the politics of the students and young minds,” he said.

When asked about his take on the current political scenario in the country, he said politicians are a bagful of tricks. “At the end of the day, they are solely focused on the benefits accruing to themselves,” he added. He rues the fact that there is a considerable increase in violence and the ripples of disturbance let loose in the society in the name of caste and religion come with long-term consequences.


e said, writing in Hindi comes naturally to him. “There is a wide readership of Hindi literature and consequently a great market,” he said, adding, “Not only is the audience well-read, but there are a lot of good writers on the horizon,” he said.


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