Manoj Muntashir

11th July 2019

There’s nothing called bad experience

He is known as the Baahubali of songwriters and dialogue writers in today’s Bollywood. And, it was only fitting that he opened the innings for Kalam series hosted under the aegis of Prabha Khaitan Foundation in Nagpur city. Bollywood songwriter Manoj Muntashir enthralled the audience at the inaugural Kalam session in Nagpur with his wit and his inimitable andaaz (style) of shayari (poetry). He was introduced by Dr Lokendra Singh with a couplet in Urdu before proceeding to ask about his pen name and now his Surname ‘Muntashir’. “Why Muntashir? Doesn’t it mean scattered, disorderly, diffused,” asked Singh. Muntashir chose to respond to the question with a shayari. “Bikhar jana hai khushboo ki tarah (I wish to be scattered around like the fragrance of a flower),” he told the audience. Speaking of Bollywood, he insisted the Mumbai film industry is a fair industry. Manoj said he believes in versatility and has been experimenting with all kinds of writing. In the course of conversation, he spoke at length how he has been trying to give a platform to the fledgling talent through his production company. While answering one of the participants during the Q&A session, he made it point to elaborate why “poets are born” and “can’t be churned out of institutes”.