Naveen Choudhary

19th September 2019

Politics is a lifelong addition

If you are addicted to politics, you become an addict for life. The person may leave politics, but politics won’t leave the person. The highs and lows of politics affect a person’s life both directly and indirectly. Author of the politically charged novel, Janta Store, Naveen Choudhary, shared his thoughts on this power-riddled field with the audience of the Kalam session held in Bilaspur. Choudhary, who was in conversation with Gaurav Girija Shukla, also shared the story of the genesis of the book. The novel takes its name from the real Janta Store, located near the Rajasthan University that had been a hub of student politics with Choudhary himself playing an active part in the same. “That helped me write on politics, which is actually a complex subject to handle if you’re trying to pen it down,” he told the audience. Choudhary advised aspiring writers to read more. “It is important to read as much as you write. But at the same time, one has to be careful not to be too inspired by another author’s writing otherwise you run the risk of imitating them,” he said. The author discussed how the written word is interpreted based on the reader’s own viewpoint. “A writer’s work takes off from his own ideas and thoughts, but the reader perceives it the way he/she wants to,” he told the audience. Given that burning issues are brought into the limelight through social media, Choudhary also attributes its consumption specific to users. “There are both negative and positive aspects of social media. Users decide what kind of content they wish to consume,” the author shared. Further, Choudhary sees no harm in the use of English words in Hindi writing. “That is the kind of language we converse in. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using these words in Hindi writing,” he added.


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