Sanjeev Paliwal

6th June 2020

It is upto the readers to decide if a book is good or not: Sanjeev Paliwal

Senior journalist and writer, Mr. Sanjeev Paliwal, conducted an online session of Kalam, in the presence of literary enthusiasts from Raipur and Bilaspur. It was the 46th chapter of Kalam, Raipur organized in collaboration with Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Abhikalp Foundation and Hyatt, Raipur presented by Shree Cement. Mr. Gaurav Girija Shukla played the role of the conversationalist during the session, and posed questions on Mr. Sanjeev Paliwal’s novel “Naina”.

Writer Sanjeev Paliwal said that it has been thirty years since he started working as a journalist. Ever since the beginning, his favourite genre has been crime thrillers, so when he decided he wanted to write a book, he chose to write one. On the question of his favorite writer, Sanjeev said that he has read a lot from Surendra Mohan Pathak. While talking about his novel, he said that the story revolves around murder of a news anchor of a reputed news channel. With fingers pin-pointing a number of suspects, it is a very exciting tale of how the police finally solves the mystery. The story covers a modern setting, in a big city, and the work culture of big media house. This novel, which came out in February this year, is getting good response from the readers.

The author also gave unambiguous answers to the readers' interesting questions. When a lawyer from Bilaspur, Mr. Abhijeet Tiwari questioned about the title of the book, the author said that after thinking through a number of titles, he could not come up with anything that suited the narration of the book. However, after coming across a character named Naina in a movie he was watching, he chose it to be the name of his book, finding it a perfect fit.

While answering another question, Mr. Sanjeev Paliwal said that it is upto the readers to decide if a book is good or bad. There has been a long-standing feud in literature that the authors of a crime thriller are not considered litterateurs, and are rather labeled popular writers. But if the readers are reading the book, discussing it, and there are print reruns of various editions of the book, so why not give them the honor. Having now written Naina, he said that now it is upto the readers to decide the fate of his book; he further added that it is also upto the readers to decide if they have taken away any message from the book, despite there being no effort from the writer to convey one.

On behalf of Kalam, Bilaspur, Dr. Garima Tiwari, and many enlightened literature lovers attended the program, as well as a few select readers from Raipur. At the end of the program, Mr. Gaurav Girija Shukla thanked the author and all the attendees of the Chapter, while expressing his gratitude.



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