Irshad Kamil

14th January 2020

Irshad Kamil on Life Lessons and Poetry

You should always draw inspiration from within yourself," said writer and lyricist, Irshad Kamil, at the Kalam Hyderabad session held at the ITC Kohenur hotel. It was an evening of poetry, humour and literature as Kamil treated the audience to snippets of his shayari and songs as he spoke about his literary journey. He was in conversation with Ehsaas Woman of Hyderabad, Vinita Surana. Kamil inspired the audience with his words of wisdom. He said that one must always compete with oneself, so that they can strive to be better and better each day. He believes that every person lives two lives. A person's second life begins when they realise that they have only one life. Kamil's message for new writers was that it takes a lot of reading to do a little bit of good writing and that they must never compromise on reality in their writing. Talking about his own literary journey, Kamil said that it began when he used to listen to music on the radio and write a few lines in his diary, despite not knowing the meaning of some of the words. He admitted that he still prefers the relationship of pen and paper over writing on a cellphone or a computer. In answer to questions from the audience, Kamil said that, whether it was film or an independent writing, it was essential to stay true to yourself. He also spoke about how he wrote Hindi in Devanagari which led to it gaining priority over the Roman script in Mumbai. The conversation was followed by a book signing session.


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