Deepak Ramola

10th November 2019

Of Poetry and Wisdom — Deepak Ramola Speaks on His Journey

Poetry is like our shadow that’s always with us…we never feel alone if we have poetry with us,” said Deepak Ramola in conversation with journalist Shikha Varshney, rousing the audience with his soul-stirring words at Kalam London at the Quilon, London. A versatile wordsmith, Deepak Ramola is a poet, lyricist, actor, teacher and motivational speaker who is the founder and artistic director of Project FUEL (Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson), a two-time TED Talk speaker and the UN Action Plan Executor for SDG4. Reciting his lyrical poems from his book of Hindi poetry, Itna Toh Main Samajh Gaya Hoon, to an enthralled audience, Ramola engaged in an invigorating conversation with Varshney about his life’s journey — from his childhood to becoming a poetphilosopher today. Recently appointed as the Kindness Ambassador by UNESCO MGIEP, Ramola strives through Project FUEL to document, design and pass on human wisdom of the past decades through education, art and media. A session that was well-received by the audience, it came to an end with the multifaceted poet signing copies of his poetry collection.