Centrally situated in Ahmedabad, The House of MG, is a 20th Century family mansion that offers spacious accomodations. The House of MG has been tastefully restored, with all its furniture and fixtures designed and sourced from local artisans.


The foundation caters to projects that are community-focused, which include literature, awareness, promotion, helping & supporting the under privileged, senior citizens and less fortunate people of the society. The welfare of youth is an important area, the foundation works towards an aim to help young people to learn, to develop life skills and empowers the youth to maximise its potential.

The women of today are the brigade of change for the times to come. Prabha Khaitan Foundation brings together minds who think of a better future and pledge to make a difference. Ehsaas is a conglomeration of women from all walks of life who are graceful in their own ways and inspire others for betterment of the society.