One of the top 5 cement groups in India, Shree Cement is a market leader in the states of Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana with three brands – Shree Ultra, Bangur and Rockstrong. Since their founding year in 1979, they have been committed to the cause of sustainable, inclusive growth and have realised this with their consistent pursuit of innovation and operational excellence.


Nai Duniya is perhaps the most prominent newspaper published in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Owned by Nai Duniya Media Pvt. Ltd, this Hindi news daily was launched on 5th June, 1947. Nai DUniya was included in the Indian Newspaper Society on 26th April, 1959. Latest circulation reports state that Nai Duniya has an average circulation around 800,000 copies.


The women of today are the brigade of change for the times to come. Prabha Khaitan Foundation brings together minds who think of a better future and pledge to make a difference. Ehsaas is a conglomeration of women from all walks of life who are graceful in their own ways and inspire others for betterment of the society.


Abhikalp Foundation, an organization that primarily aims to provide quality education to those living in rural areas who can't afford it. Our vision is to facilitate education to the necessitous children as we believe books are the most powerful medium for social transformation. By providing quality education, we aim to improve the quality of life and subsequently economic well-being of these children who live in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Through education, we wish to empower these children, especially girls, so that they are able to stand tall on their two tiny feet while growing up and are ready to take on the world when they step out of our schools.